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Intended use – Micro Dosing

Total Dose – 4400mg (4.4g)

Dose/piece – 550mg (0.55g)/piece x 8 pieces

Recommended Dosages & Effects – 1 piece (improved focus & concentration, reduced anxiety & depression, no body buzz), 2-4 pieces (light body buzz -> hyper focused, energized, light & wavey feeling, giggly, happy, euphoric, minimized anxiety & depression), 4-8 pieces (strong body buzz!)

Description – Innovating mushroom consumption as long as we can remember, Mushroom Clan is devoted to mixing great taste with an even greater trip! You’ll know the pride we take in crafting our signature products the moment you open the package. Inside you’ll find a blend of both milk and dark chocolates, along with several unique flavours to disguise the magic!

Flavours – Rice Crispy, Salted Caramel, Skor, Almond Chocolate, Orange n Cream, Strawberry n Cream, Peppermint n Cream, M&M, Chocolate Cookies, Cookies n Cream, Milk Chocolate.

9 reviews for Bites

  1. Otis A. Paige

    Got my product super fast and was pleasantly surprised of the energy I got from my first dose!! It had been a long tiring day and my hubby wanted to play some darts. At first, I didn’t have the motivation but within 45 minutes of my dose I was raring to go!!! Put me in a great mood all night

  2. Joe V. Wayt

    Worked wonders for my cluster headaches !

  3. Tracy P. Orourke

    Really helps with anxiety

  4. Carolina R. Watts

    Loved the product! I’ve been struggling with anxiety and stress. This product has helped clear my mind and not have so many unwanted negative thoughts.

  5. James P. Pearson

    Awesome product and service

  6. Vivian M. Sammons

    These are great. Good boost in energy & mood!! Will purchase again. Thx!!

  7. Marlene T. Young

    Great service, fast delivery and excellent product

  8. Christopher S. Johnson

    Fast shipping and product is as described

  9. Mary R. Sain

    So happy! Product came quick and discreetly. Had a lovley mellow evening. Thank you

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