Penis Envy Gummies

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Intended use – Micro Dosing

Total Dose – 4400mg (4.4g)

Dose/piece – 440mg/piece x 10pieces

Recommended Dosages & Effects – 1 piece (improved focus & concentration, reduced anxiety & depression, no body buzz), 2-5 pieces (light body buzz, hyper focused, energized, light & wavey feeling, giggly, happy, euphoric, minimized anxiety & depression), 6-10 pieces (strong body buzz!) Trippy Treats Mushroom 

Description – A legendary strain to have originated deep in the Amazon. As potent as it is hard to grow, people love penis envy for that signature tip, phallic system, and that amazing trip…  Now you’re the envy of your peers!  Penis Envy is a potent product, so be cautious when whipping this one out!

12 reviews for Penis Envy Gummies

  1. Jessica A. Turner

    I really enjoyed these. Purchasing again!

  2. Bonnie A. Urquhart

    Excited to experience a macrodose

  3. Kenneth E. Robertson

    Amazing trip, very happy with this order and will be placing one again soon.

  4. Rodney G. Hamilton

    They work and pleasantly so

  5. Timothy K. Fields

    Great product. Kicks in fast and lasts for a few hrs. Haven’t had any negative side effects yet.

  6. Ramiro B. Holliday

    Product was exactly as described and most definitely gets the job done! Amazingly fast delivery time without any hiccups. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested, and will be ordering again in the future. Enjoy the ride!! ‍

  7. Jorge M. Palmer

    The onset was swift, but pleasant. No nausea, unlike with raw mushrooms. Trip lasted a few hours and was nice and mellow.

  8. Jill L. Fobbs

    Great high! Great product! Great service! Great price!

  9. Robert L. Singer

    Very good, made a very lacklustre sitcom much funnier. Mixed with some hash and had a good night. Would recommend.

  10. Cathy J. Thompson

    Tasty and easy to dose.

  11. Judy J. Durant

    Tastes great

  12. Helen R. Schafer

    This was my first time experimenting with these gummies. I started with half a gummy and it was okay, light high is best i can describe it. Next i had 1 full gummy and it was good. Did not see any patterns but it was good and relaxing. No nausea from these.

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